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The name of the beer was chosen in homage to Germaine Slutte, a famous Jettoise woman who died in 1968 in New York, and whose extraordinary history is still the subject of much research to this day by two Jettois passionate about history: Marcel Verdoeft and André Gebeurtenis.


Follow,'post' after'post', the fabulous story of Germaine Slutte...

After 4 years at the Lion Brewery, Gustave would have joined in 1937 the Liebmann’s Brewery located in Brooklyn, producer in particular of the Rheingold Extra Dry, famous in particular for its "Miss Rheingold" contest. Beer lovers chose the prettiest girl in their neighborhood to represent it for a year. The competition lasted from 1940 to 1965.

Rheingold has become the beer of the New York working class. At its peak, it held a 35% market share in New York. Rheingold also benefited from the support of the town's minority communities. Rheingold was a sponsor of the Nat King Cole variety show, while most advertisers were hesitant.

But despite its enormous popularity, Rheingold beer began to lose market share when large mega-breweries like Anheuser-Busch, Miller and Coors began to market nationally, leading to the bankruptcy of many small regional beers.

The last bottle of Rheingold was sold in the New York area in 1978 ...

At the age of 21, the elegant curves of Germaine Slutte inspired the designers of the 40s who made her one of the famous "pin-up girls" that we find on the calendars and advertisements of the time. They symbolize the perfect combination between the "girl next door" and the "girl of your dreams" ... an irresistible seductress!

“Unconditional Surrender” is the name of the statue in the Port of San Diego CA that reminds us of the end of World War II.

Let us close the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge by remembering the lives sacrificed for our freedom, and particularly the boy-friend of Germaine Slutte (aged 24 at the time), a pilot in the US Navy, who rests in the Henri-Chapelle cemetery, 3 km from the brewery that produces the World Best IPA Specialty 2019!

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