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"Golden Nuggets" by Slutte



A legend from Washington State (producing half of all apples in the United States) says that back in the days, cowgirls were asked to gallop on horseback under apple trees to knock down ripe apples (instead of climbing ladders and pick them one by one) and thus transform apples falling on the ground by magic into “golden nuggets”… because it was a much faster and cheaper way!

In reality, cowboys blissfully admired cowgirls being shaken by their fiercest horses… those naughty cowboys !!!

To this day, cowgirls still win since cowboys always fall under the spell of these irresistible seducers.

"Golden Nuggets" : A tribute to "Germaine Slutte" painted as a Cowgirl, to galop through apple orchards!

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The 2022 Women's International Trophy covers with GOLD our Golden Nuggets, A Belgian Cider With Body!

On June 12 and 13, the jury made up entirely of women tasting experts, evaluated a total of 950 samples from 29 countries.

The tasting took place in Mainz, capital of the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany and member of the "Great Wine Capitals Global Network".

This competition is open to all producers worldwide.

Our Golden Nuggets cider, with a score of 93%, is the ONLY cider to win a GOLD medal in this international competition, so BRAVO Belgian apples!

100% natural product, without added water nor sugar, made with apples from the Limburg Voerstreek/Fourons region (60% Jonagold, 30% Boskoop and 10% Elstar).

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