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The name of the beer was chosen in homage to Germaine Slutte, a famous Jettoise woman who died in 1968 in New York, and whose extraordinary history is still the subject of much research to this day by two Jettois passionate about history: Marcel Verdoeft and André Gebeurtenis.


Follow,'post' after'post', the fabulous story of Germaine Slutte...

According to the latest research, Germaine Slutte joined THE SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAN BALLET in 1935, at the age of 15, under the direction of Georges Balanchine.

The aim of the school was the development of a national ballet, corresponding to the famous Russian ballet, but of an essentially American character, mobilizing the talents of American artists, dealing with uniquely American themes, creating an American tradition. This school (SAB) still exists today. Germaine would she have embarked on an artistic career? Research continues ...

According to the latest research, Gustave Slutte was hired in October 1933 by the Lion Brewery, a brewery founded in 1895 and which was relaunched by the sale of beer that became officially legal again on April 7, 1933 at the end of prohibition.

Research by Verdoeft and Gebeurtenis is progressing. Upon their arrival in November 1933, Gustave & Elisabeth Slutte moved to central New York with Germaine and her 3 sisters. The family discovers their first New York winter.

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