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A salute to Lady Liberty!

Updated: May 15, 2022

89 years after Germaine SLUTTE saw the statue of Liberty entering the harbour of NYC, before passing through the immigration authorities at Ellis Island, a 2022 SLUTTE XL bottle salutes Lady Liberty!

Arriving at this point, after a long cruise, was for many people the start of a new life!

The people who passed through Ellis added richness and texture to the American story. They found jobs, started businesses, raised families, and made countless contributions to communities all across the country. And some of them became very well known.

The story of immigration through Ellis Island even started with a woman! Annie Moore

First Immigrant Processed, Arrived January 2, 1892

Annie Moore was the first immigrant to be processed on Ellis Island. The 17-year-old girl was traveling with her two younger brothers on the S.S. Nevada, arriving January 1, 1892 from Queenstown (Cork), Ireland. Annie is a well-known historical figure and even has a statue in the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. [1]

Like Josephine Baker 2 years after Germaine, many female artists arrived to the new world through Ellis Island.

Josephine Baker E.

Singer, Dancer, Actress, Arrived October 7,1935

Josephine Baker was an American born actress, singer, and dancer who rose to fame in the 1920s on the stages of Paris. In 1935, she returned to New York, but faced racial prejudice in a still segregated United States. She returned to Paris and became a citizen of France, where she lived a very interesting life. Baker assisted the French Resistance during World War II as an anti-Nazi spy, and she later spoke beside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the March on Washington for Civil Rights. [2]

Once registered, it is in lower Manhattan that every immigrant was putting the first steps in AMERICA! A SLUTTE XL is proudly standing here at Manhattan shore with “ground zero” and the new “Liberty Tower” in the background.

Our latest research shows that other members of the SLUTTE family had been through NYC. The ship manifest of City Of Richmond shows on line 903 that Mr. W. SLUTTE coming from Germany passed NYC immigration services in 1882 (50 years before Germaine and her family). [3]

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