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Germaine Slutte participates in Miss Rheingold 1946

The latest research carried out by our historians Marcel Verdoeft and André Gebeurtenis determined that in 1937 Gustave Slutte joined the Liebmann brewery which produced a very popular beer at the time, the Rheingold.

To promote it, the brewery set up in 1940 the annual Miss Rheingold contest: photos of six young women were exhibited wherever Rheingold beer was sold - in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts , Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. These points of sale offered ballots allowing to choose his Miss. This marketing “coup” aroused great enthusiasm and over the years has become a must-see annual event.

What was the surprise of our historians to discover, during the analysis of the archives of the now defunct brewery, that Germaine Slutte herself had participated in 1946 in this election, won that year by Rita Daigle.

At the age of 21 already, the elegant curves of Germaine Slutte inspired the designers of the 40s who then made her one of the famous "pin-up girls" that we find on the calendars and advertisements of the time.

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