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The name of the beer chosen in homage to Germaine Slutte

The name of the beer was chosen in tribute to Germaine Slutte, a famous Jettoise, who died in 1968 in New York, and whose extraordinary story is still the subject of much research to this day by two Jettois who are passionate about history. : Marcel Verdoeft and André Gebeurtenis. Step by step, they try to piece together Germaine’s story. Here is the result of their initial research ...

Germaine Slutte of the Place Communal de Jette

"From a family of brewers, Germaine Slutte was born in Jette in 1920. She is the 4th daughter of Gustave and Elisabeth Slutte. The family lives in a charming house in Rue de la Station in Jette (currently Rue Léon Théodor). Gustave is in the origin of the creation of several very popular craft beers at the time in and around Jette, such as Paaïp, Peochenel, Rotzak and Pisswaaïf.

After primary studies at the Sacré-Coeur in Jette, Germaine began her secondary studies there, wishing to pursue a career as a nurse in tribute to her grandfather Alphonse, who died during the Great War, in Adinkerke in March 1915.

While in April 1933, the American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt repealed the "Volstead Act" which until then justified the prohibition prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol, Gustave Slutte saw the opportunity to put his talent and his expertise brewer serving American companies.

The Slutte family then decided to emigrate to the United States that same year. She leaves Belgium in Antwerp by taking one of the transatlantic liners of the company Red Star Line. Germaine was then 13 years old… "

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